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Kenosha Fire Station #1

Lee Joins Team Building New Fire Station

Lee Plumbing Mechanical Contractors Inc. Joins Team Building New Fire Station

Things have been going exceptionally well at Lee Plumbing Mechanical Contractors Inc. lately, as the Lee Team has been working on a new fire station on the site of the old Edward Bain School. The school, which had been vacant for many years, was razed in 2018, to make room for a “super station” that will replace two of Kenosha’s oldest and most outdated fire stations. Construction on the new $6.6 million Kenosha Fire Station #1 started in August 2018 and is scheduled for completion in June 2019.

The Plumbers, Pipe Fitters and Sheetmetal workers are working on a variety of tasks for the new station, which can house 16 full-time firefighters. Waukegan, Illinois-based Stuckey Construction Company is the General Contractor.

The Lee team is responsible for:

  • Installing potable water which includes cold water, hot water, hot water return
  • Laying waste piping (including sanitary, storm, storm overflow, clearwater and greasy waste)
  • Installing compressed air lines
  • Gas pipe
  • Hot water
  • Hydronic piping
  • Refrigerant piping
  • DX cooling ahu with a hydronic coil
  • VAVs with Hydronic reheats
  • In-floor radiant heat
  • Refrigeration

The Lee team was able to lay the 15,000 lineal feet of in-floor radiant tubing in a three-day period to help maintain the tight schedule in this area. The in-floor tubing for the apparatus bay will help maintain the fire engines by keeping the area heated and allowing snow and ice to melt quickly. The Plumbers installed trench drains and catch basins to allow for the melted snow to not pool up in these areas. This well laid out mechanical system will provide a warm and dry floor when it comes time for firefighters at Station 1 to rush out to their next call. Lee is proud to have installed equipment that will keep our first responders safe, which in turn allows them to keep us safe.

Lee technicians once again used the Trimble Robotic Total System to determine layout while working on the underground portion of their tasks. This cutting-edge tool allows for a more precise depiction of the site space, obstacles and layout, making the work performed efficient and informed.

Additional Project Photos

Duct Work at Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical
Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical
Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical
Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical
Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical
Fire Station 1 | Lee Mechanical