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"It can be said that the family business serves as the brains behind innovation, the heart behind local philanthropy. We are a part of our community; we deal with issues in real time, and there is no multi-level bureaucracy. We empower our team to find solutions that provide a win for both sides. Community invovlement is also a cornerstone of our company. Simply it’s faith, family and paying it forward. Lee is committed to connecting people to people through enriching our employees lives by volunteering time and resources with a focus on our local communities and youth programs." -Bob Lee, Jr., CEO


AGC Safety Award

Congratulations to our entire team for Lee being awarded the AGC "Leadership In Safety" award! Bob Sr., who accepted the award on our behalf, couldn't be more proud. Way to go team!

Building a Brighter Future with Selah Freedom

Selah Freedom, a national organization dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking and bringing freedom to survivors through awareness, prevention, outreach and residential programs, is renovating a building here in Kenosha County. The building, which will provide lodging and services for survivors of sex trafficking, needed extensive updating. After meeting with the local Selah Freedom Board of Directors, and learning about prevalent sex trafficking is in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor, Bob Lee, Jr. offered the Lee team's assistance with their Kenosha County location.  Lee team members donated their time to design the plumbing, electric and HVAC systems, and to manage them through the state MEP permit process. For more information on Selah Freedom, please visit

Frank Pacetti Joins the Lee Team

The Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric family of companies is excited to announce that Frank Pacetti has joined its experienced leadership team as Chief Financial Officer. He will be responsible for all accounting, finance and general office administration for all of the Lee companies. 

“Frank brings over 35 years of financial performance and administrative management experience to Lee, which will serve our clients and company well,” said Bob Lee, Jr., President. “We are proud to welcome him to the Lee family.” 

Natalie Lee and Shirley Madrigrano Arts Foundation

In 2016, Bob Lee Jr. and Joe Madrigrano Jr. established the Natalie Lee and Shirley Madrigrano Arts Foundation dedicated to providing creative outlets for children not interested in sports in honor of their mothers. Both women were dedicated to enriching not only their own children but all children in the Kenosha community and beyond.

At the end of 2018, the Foundation grew by 150% thanks to the continued generous support by members of The Lee Family & Lee Plumbing Mechanical Contractors combined contribution of $30,000 in honor of Natalie Lee, that was matched by a $30,000 donation by Joe & Kathy Madrigrano. In 2018, 614 Club members participated in arts programming at the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha thanks to this foundation.

The Grinch Visits the Lee Team

The Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha's CEO, Jake McGhee, disguised as the Grinch, visited Lee's Bob Lee-dressed as Santa-this week as part of the club's "Don't Be A Grinch" campaign. "Santa" made a donation on the Lee Team's behalf to the "Grinch" to get him to leave. Lee is proud to support such great organizations as the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha

Bob Hartman and Bob Lee Vintage

A black and white photo of Bob Hartman and Bob Lee, from their high school baseball days. Bob Lee Sr., the former President and founder of Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, had his own run with fame. A left-handed pitcher with a knack for striking out opposing batters, Bob Lee Sr. was a baseball phenom who might have had a great career as a major league pitcher had it not been for an injury to his pitching arm.

Lennox Feel The Love Program and Lee

Members of Lee Plumbing,Heating, Cooling and Electric’s residential HVAC team were honored to be part of Lennox’s “Feel the Love” program this fall. Through this company-sponsored program, local residents in need are given a brand new piece of heating equipment-fully installed and ready to use before winter arrives. Several members of the Lee team were joined by Lennox dealers and corporate staff to assist with the installation of a Lennox high-efficiency furnace in the home of U.S. Army Veteran Burnett Horton. Read more...

March to End Alzheimer

Emma Lee, daughter of Bob Lee, Jr., displayed the commitment to the community that Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electronic family is known for recently. Emma participated in the Walk to End Alzheimers, held at University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The 2018 fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association was held on September; participants raised well over $100,000.

“Get the Lead Out” Water Purification Project

Wirch letter: Sept. 2018 letter from Sen. Robert Wirch, thanking Bob Lee, Jr. and the team at Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric for their support of the “Get the Lead Out” water purification project in Kenosha.

Bob Lee Bobblehead

Bob Lee, Sr. bobbleheads were distributed at a special recognition night in 2018 at the Kenosha Kingfish game. The collectibles were created to commemorate Bob Sr.,’s enormous contribution to the Kenosha baseball community, his time with the Milwaukee Braves and his co-ownership of the Kenosha Twins baseball team in 1984. ​

Jon Meacham Visits Carthage

Bob Lee, Jr. and wife Linda enjoy dinner with author Jon Meacham at President Swallow’s home on the Carthage College campus in 2018.

Hartman & Lee Society Plaque

Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric has always believed in investing in the Kenosha community and in giving back. The Lee family is a longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. They helped establish the Hartman & Lee Youth Baseball Society there. The Society honors Bob Hartman and Bob Lee, Sr., both famous Kenosha baseball players with strong ties to the Boys & Girls Club and the CYC. Every donor who makes an annual donation of $1,000 or more will become a member of the Foundation.  Bob Jr. and Bob Senior are pictured in front of the Society’s wall.

Lee Sr. Wins Eric Olson Cigar Smoker Award

Bob Lee Jr. was awarded the Eric Olson Cigar Smoker award for giving back to the community. Monies raised from this event go back to  community youth sports. Bob Lee Sr. was on hand that night. ​

Lee Generations Enjoying the Summer

Father and son enjoying stogies in the summertime.

BGCK Custom Painted Plunger

Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has been a longtime supporter of programs at the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha. Last year, students from the Club had fun “designing” a custom plunger as a thank-you gift. Bob Lee, Jr. is pictured with this priceless piece of art.

Halters Hunt Club

The Lee team works hard and plays hard. Recently, several Lee project foremen visited Halters Hunt Club in Pleasant Prairie to participate in a pheasant hunt. The outing was a success, as you can see.  From left to right.  John Bennett,  Brian Bloomgren, Jason Weichert, Bob Lee, Lynn Kadlac.

Pay It Forward

My wife, Linda, recently flew to Denver to visit her sister. She was thankful to have enough points to be seated in first class when she saw an elderly gentleman and his son board the plane. Without a thought, she gave up her seat and took his place in coach without knowing of the gentleman’s service in WWII under Patton. A stranger seated across the aisle saw her gesture and offered her seat to his son so that they could sit together. In a world where shouts of anger echo, may we all listen for these whispers of good. -Bob Lee

Best of Kenosha 2017

"Lee provides all services necessary to keep your mechanical services operating efficiently. It's a one stop shop to keep your water, electric, heating and cooling in top shape at home or at work." - Mike Pitts

"Lee is made up of highly qualified and personable people. They work extremely hard to make sure customers are happy. The owners are full of integrity and focused on family. You don't find that many place." -Corinne Ruffolo

Thank you, Kenosha, for placing your trust with the Lee Team and honoring us with the Best Home Repair/Improvement Contractor


Customer Testimonial

August 1, 2017 Plumbers Don & Rob repiped my house last week and did a terrific job. My house had the original pipes and they ran into a few challenges along the way, but they were able to solve those problems with skill, patience and good humor. Everything (pipes, fixtures, etc.) look great now and, more importantly, works great, too. I highly recommend Lee.

-Lois B., Kenosha.

Carthage Honors Bob Lee Sr.

Bob Lee, Sr. was recognized with the "New Town" Award from Carthage College in 2017. "New Town" was a Phoenician Word that has evolved into English as "Carthage." This prestigious award honors individuals whose community leadership serves as a model for others. Pictured here is Bob Lee Sr., (second from right) along with three Carthage College trustees: Gary Wilson, Dave Weirs and Tom Martinez.

"New Town" Award, Bob Lee Sr.

Congratulations to Bob Lee Sr. for recently being recognized with the "New Town" Award from Carthage College. "New Town" was a Phoenician Word that has evolved into English as "Carthage." This prestigious award honors individuals whose community leadership serves as a model for others. Pictured here, with Bob Lee Sr., is Bob Lee Jr., CEO of Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric. 

Supporting the Boy Scouts

Bob Lee Sr. with Bob Nelson of Bane Nelson (one of the top business leaders in Kenosha) attending a 2016 Boy Scouts Fundraiser. This event was to honor the Vignieri Family and all that the family has done for the organization.


2016 Best of Kenosha, Best Employer

"It's all about the people here. When you find good employees, hang onto them, empower them, believe in them, get out of their way and let them do their job." - Bob Lee, Jr.

2016 Best of Kenosha, Best Boss

Bob Lee, Jr., the owner of Lee Plumbing, is humbled by winning this award again. He states he has never looked at himself as a boss but as just another member of the amazing Lee team.

Best of Kenosha, Electrical Contractor

The Lee electrical team is committed to maintaining, as well as increasing, their very high-level quality of service with the community they serve. Lee Vice President, Frank Ruffolo, says "With consistency, success will always follow!"

Best of Kenosha 2016, HVAC Contractor

"Our technicians make us stand out daily. They care about our customers and strive to provide the best and most cost-effective service. If your heat or AC is out, they'll work their hardest to get your system up and running quickly. We strive to provide excellent service for every customer everyday." - Bob Lee Jr.

Best of Kenosha 2016, Plumbing Contractor

For the fourth consecutive year,  Lee Plumbing was voted the best plumbing contractor in Kenosha. "Our constant commitment to customer service, along with the many great products we install, are what make us stand out. We strive for excellence in all we do. There is something new every day; you never know what the next phone call with bring." - Bob Lee, Jr.

2016 American Cancer Society GALA

We are proud of our team's commitment to the community and to meaningful organizations. Lee's Frank Ruffolo, Brandon Quinn, Chad McGovern & Mike Ruffolo had a fantastic time showing their support at this year's American Cancer Society GALA

A Kiss for a Job Well Done

"This art card is called "The Kiss!" I couldn't actually kiss the furnace guy that came on Martin Luther King Monday to save me and my dog, Vinnie, from freezing. We appreciate your help! "

-Katie, Dave & Daughter 

Best of Kenosha

Thank to you all of our friends, family and customers who voted for the Lee Team in the Best of Kenosha. Your faith in us is appreciated and we are proud to serve the Kenosha area.

2015 Best of Kenosha, Best Boss

Bob Lee, Jr., owner of Lee Plumbing states, “The trust and faith of the team I have around me makes me strive each day to do my best to not let them down; to treat them as I would want to be treated. We are a people business. I am proud of the way our team takes on the tough tasks. Every call is a situation that needs attention and follow-up. They do it well."

2015 Best of Kenosha, Best HVAC Contractor

Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric is proud to have won the Best of Kenosha for HVAC for the third year in a row. Their technicians and staff are dedicated to providing the best service in the most-timely manner. Lee employees are both honest and thorough, providing the best value to their customers.

2015 Best of Kenosha, Most Famous Kenoshan

Bob Lee, Sr., Business Owner
Bob’s reaction to being named Most Famous Kenoshan, “Far from being the best! Humbling is what this honor is to me. I have just been fortunate to have lived a long life and been blessed to help others and promote our great city.” Bob goes on to say, “I owe my late wife Natalie all that I am today. Her giving of herself first is what I expect of myself: Faith, family, friendship and reaching out to those in need. We all need a hand at one time or another.”

2015 Best of Kenosha, Best Plumbing Contractor

For the third consecutive year Lee Plumbing was voted the best plumbing contractor in Kenosha. Dedicated employees and a commitment to customer service are a big part of that success. Gallo says, “A majority of our employees have been with us for over 10 years. We all understand that we work for the customer. We need them more than they need us. We need to make sure our clients are getting what they are paying for and are happy with the end results. 98% of our clients’ are repeat customers. You have to keep them happy.”

2015 Best of Kenosha, Best Electrical Contractor

For the 2nd straight year, Lee Electrical Inc. was voted the Best Electrical Contractor in Kenosha. Vice President, Frank Ruffolo attributes this accomplishment to the company’s core beliefs, consistency & humility which are the key components in making his division a continued success in the local marketplace.

2015 United for a Cure

Bob Lee, Sr. leads the crowd in a rousing rendition of "Take me out to the ball park" at the 2015 United for a Cure event at Kenosha Kingfish-Simmons Field